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Does anyone else feel like this?

Since we got married 2 months ago I have been extremely broody, all I could think about was babies, I watched programmes on pregnancy etc. It was getting to th point where I spent all day with it on my mind and would start talking about it to OH and my Mum without really realising that I had done it. This week it hasn't crossed my mind at all, I don't fel anything like I did. The broody feeling has just gone. I'm not sure whether its because I know we have another 7 months to wait before we actually start trying that I've got my mind 'well no point getting all excited about it now'.

It's the first time I'm felt like this and just couldn't understand how different I feel from the past few weeks. anyone else get like this?

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I think it does come in waves - at the start of my wait I was very broody, and then it settled for a while. Make yourself comfy in here though, the girls are lovely xxx

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im the same yup comes and goes in waves as said above, with me in changes depending on what part of my cycle im in

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I agree with both the ladies above. It seems to be normal. (Either that or we're all nuts!)

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yep! this describes my broodiness to a T. I go through some longer broody patches where i am OBSESSED and incapable of doing anything but BNBing and some shorter broody patches, with periods of total indifference to TTC inbetween.. its so frustrating! and worrying, as i don't know about you but i have the thought that if i was to get pregnant i might continue to go through the same rollercoaster of feelings.

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Originally Posted by jeanbean22 View Post
It seems to be normal. (Either that or we're all nuts!)
All nuts I'd say!
Totally agree tho, seems to hit every few months. For me it was as I neared the end of each 6 month BCP prescription. Took the last one of those 2 weeks ago though so roll on February!

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