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Advice Please--waiting for DH to want baby #2

So, i would like to have baby #2 shortly. I always liked the idea of having my babies close in age. Anyways, i had to practically beg DH for baby #1. I HATED thats how it had to happen. Dont get me wrong, DH loves our DS more than anything, but in all truth, if it were up to him we would have never gotten pregnant With that said, I want him to want and desire baby #2, so i told him i would wait until he comes and says "Lets have another baby!" Thing is, i fear it wont be for a very very long time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE planning TTC and then being pregnant. I loved everything about it. I enjoy planning. But since the DH doesn't know when he will want one, i cant obviously do that. Its very hard for me because i always envisioned having our children close in age but if i wait for him to ask it may not happen. Advice? I am so broody. Dont know what to do so im not disappointed everyday that he doesn't ask...guess i just want him to want that sweet baby on his own and not because of my influence...maybe im asking for too much

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I understand how you are feeling. Our first was a surprise, and during the pregnancy we decided on just the one. But right around 6 weeks I knew I wanted more, and I was ready then. It wasn't until our son was 5 months old that he decided he wanted us to try for another one. This was a huge shock to me, & I was so happy to hear him say it.

I am also a huge planner, but I just tried to be really relaxed about it. And if it seemed appropriate to our conversation at the time, bring it up. He started coming around to the idea of another one in a year or so. And then one day (after a huge family gathering) he told me he was ready now.

Just let him know you are ready, talk about it when it seems okay, but don't go overboard! HOpefully he will come around.

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i agree with jeps3
dont force the conversation just be casual about it, let him know your ready when he is, he will come round eventually they always do

as your LO grows he might start thinking about it thats what happened with my LO's daddy! we will be ttc this month our LO is now 20months old TODAY

good luck hope he comes round to the idea of ttc soon, sometimes i think MEN forget that it can take a while to concieve and theres the WHOLE pregnancy sometimes they need a nudge to remind them

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