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Question for you ladies!

Ok so I didn't know where to post this but here goes

Would ya want to have kids close in age or have an age gap and why? And for those that say close in age are you financially stable to raise them?

The reason I ask this is cause there are a lot of young girls out there that are popping out babies left and right and aren't financially stable to raise them.

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I would like at least a 4 year age gap, I would like to have the first child in school first before having a second one. I would like to spend as much time to bond with the second baby as I will have when I had had first baby (if that makes sense).

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If i could have it my way i would have 6 kids all with about a 20 month gap...but right now we are living at my inlaws house and until get back in to our own place the gap between #2 and #3 is getting bigger and bigger....I have 3year old and a 20 month old

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We have 2 and half years between our boys and planned it that way they both came along after the first month of trying so pretty lucky

I thought i was finished after our second baby so got OH the snip

Needless to say I am NOT done and he now has a reversal.... we are now ttc'ing no#3!

There will be at least a 8 year age gap between new bubba and youngest

Not planned...but thats life


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I don't want a massive age gap between my future children. Maybe 18 months? But then again you can't really plan can you? lol

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Mrs Doddy
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I'm torn on this, close together would be nice for them but financially not possible to be on mat leave and one in nursery ( wouldn't want to take her out and disrupt her life) a 4/5 year gap would be better that no 1 would be eating, toilet trained and be able to help and enterntain herself when busy with baby, not in any rush to decide tho

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Ideally I would like a two year age gap. I plan to be a SAHM until they are both in school so financially it's better for me to have them close together so I will be able toget back into work quicker. In the meantime my OH is able support us all.

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Old Dec 1st, 2010, 14:01 PM   8
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We're thinking about a roughly 2 year age gap.... Perhaps a little over (perhaps a little under, depending on how things go ).

We are financially stable enough to have two kids...but I have been thinking about how we're going to have to cut back on spending. We're not good with budgeting & with one child and our income, it's not a big deal....with 2 kids though, it's obviously going to be a bit tougher.

We should have $1000 left at the end of the month...on AVERAGE. And we have nothing... That's how bad it is.

I will feel a lot more comfortable once we have our budget under control & a bunch of savings in an account....I'm hoping to have a business going (whether that be my business idea or selling Avon!) by the time we start TTC number 2.

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We want 3ish. I've figured I can work and pay for 3 in childcare before I'm actually paying to go to work . We want them close in age. Ideally I'd like to be done with baby making by the time I'm 35 as OH will be 40 and we feel like we'll be running out of energy to deal with very small children after that. So I've got 3.5 years to make 2 more.
I am 7 and 9 years older than my siblings, they get on better with each other than I do with either of them.

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I plan on having about a 3 year age gap. That'll give Emma plenty of alone time with me, and when she starts preschool, the next baby will have plenty of alone time with me. I think that is really important. Plus Emma will be able to communicate to me better than she would now and hopefully won't be throwing nearly as many tantrums by that age. We can financially support them. We may go for 3 kids in the end but we'll see how we are doing after 2.

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