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most women I know just work thier pre ttc into thier anual woman check up any how
My dr says that he just treats all of his sexually active but not on BC paitients as though they were ttc.
He said that pretty much if your not using some form of bc then it can always happen so at all yearly exams he tells every woman the importance of folic acid at thier age.
It is a good idea to have your pap before you ttc though
JMO good luck!

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I just discovered another reason I'm glad I went to the Dr's recently.. Turns out I'm deficient in Vitamin D! Doctor wants me to start on Vit D supplements right away. I was doing some research and if I'm low on vitamin D is could lead to fertility issues, or lead to miscarriage sometimes. Next blood test will be in about 6 months to see if my Vit D count is up; that'll be just in time for TTC.

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I went before we started ttc, and I found out I couldn't continue taking my antibiotics for skin, and so she gave me a topical treatment as well. Its also good for a basic health check, but in the uk they will know that you've started trying, so if there are problems you can get them sorted quicker x x

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I went to see my doctor 2 weeks ago as we are TTC in a few more weeks.

She recommended folic acid which I am already on and booked me in for bloods.
Had a blood test done last week to check my rubella immunity. If you are not immune you have to have a jab then wait 2 months before trying xx

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