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The 2014 **WTT** Buddies

Anyone want to join? Here is my story...

I've only just started seeing my lovely man Andrew. Whereas at the moment I am keeping an open mind about families etc etc we have spoken about it and came to the date August 2014. I am very excited! Can't wait. We chose this year because I'm just moving into my own house, mortgaged and financed by myself (with help from mummy xx) and I want to get settled, buy some new things - tvs, sofas, beds, kitchen - you know, make it look lovely. And then eventually hope to get a home with Andrew one day. his wage is better then mine so we could easily afford a 2 bedroom house one day.

So year, settling into my home is important, as well as getting to know Andrew, gettign my driving better and buying a new car (not compulsary, but would be nice) get married, and maybe have one or two nice holidays. We have 3 years to achieve all that, and if I do... well, time is going to fly by.

I am currently on the pill Microgynam 20, have been for 4 months, very regular and have never used a condom in my life. So... hey accidents may happen, but we are both prepared in case anything happens.

So that's my story! I would love some buddies for email/texting, anything. I live in Milton Keynes.

Let me knows your stories ladies...

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Check out the 'not trying, but wanting club' in this section. We're all waiting too long :-) x

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