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First time newlywed TTC- need advice

Hi All

This is my first real post on here but I would love your advice. Basically I am 24 and in my final year of uni (finishing in May), been married a year and my husband and I are thinking about coming off contraception after Christmas to try for our first child. ie. I could potentially be pregnant for some of uni. Our reasons for considering this are that, after March 2012, we may have to leave the country for his job. I thought it would be much nicer to have at least the pregnancy and birth with my family near us rather than totally new and alone somewhere round the world. (although i realise it could take much longer to conceive).

Basically, I wondered if anyone could relate to anything in my situation. Eg, being pregnant at uni, moving house/job/country with a small baby. Also, how did you all know if you are ready to try? In other words, what makes you wait before trying? How do you know if your marriage is strong enough yet to support a child.

Also, i would just really love to make some friends on here. I don't really have a mother to talk to, and none of my friends are married yet or have kids or are even considering it. I'm not sure what feelings and experiences are normal etc and am at a slightly different stage of life to my friends now.

There's just so many things happening. I always knew I wanted to start a family when i was around 25 but now it's here, it's all a bit real!

Hope to meet some of you in similar situations for mutual support and friendship!



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to answer you question of how do you know when your ready..that is all up to you and your situation...just think about what do you want to happen before the baby gets here... this is my list...1.get out of my in laws house 2. pay off debt 3. sell our two bedroom town house (less then 900 square feet and we already are family of 4) 4. i would like to lose 35-40lbs 5. get a bigger place to live....welcome everyone is very nice here

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