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-wont find out the sex of the baby till birth
-I will do a belly cast, I had the baby early before I got around to it this time
-I will do whatever I can to keep my bp down and avoid pre-e again
-I will go to prenatal yoga or something
-I will stress less about weight gain and strechmarks

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Last time we waited until 12 weeks to tell so will do that again, maybe even 20 weeks! We may not find out the sex as last time we got a maybe on girl, so we wanted to know and couldn't. So may stay team yellow unless the baby is being obvious at the 20 week scan.
I will get a doppler as didn't have one last time and there were times I wanted it.

Interviewing midwives (we pick ours here) carefully to find one willing to help/support me with my low milk issue, and I'll be on a regimen of herbs so I'll have less difficulty (hopefully!) making milk.

Buy a king size bed so we can co-sleep better.

I have quite a little to-do list of things that will need doing before the next baby.

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not moan about the down sides of being pregnant (sickness and pelvic pain) and enjoy it more

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