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ahha I feel as though I was in the same boat, I stopped taking bc and it really made him gradually warm up to the idea of ttc. Still hasnt agreed to start trying yet tho

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Originally Posted by mari881 View Post
I agree, my husband and I have been together for 8 years and he used to be petrified of any mention of babies! A year ago I told him that I was going to get off of BC because I was worried about being on it for so long. I think getting off the pill has definitely eased him into the topic of ttc...

As far as fertility post bcp, I think everyone is diff. Some women it takes longer and some can get pg right away. I guess you don't know which one you are until you try !
i was on bc for 8 years and got pregnant with in 2 months of stopping it

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Hi and welcome!

Your OH sounds a lot like mine! He wants kids but is afraid to give up our freedom lifestyle. I just explained to him that really most men never feel ready but you just have to decide to go for it.

We are currently NTNP and then TTC in Jan! The closer it gets the more excited I can tell he is becoming. Just now he was actually asking about this message board and seemed interested in what we talk about

Good luck I hope everything happens for you soon!

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Yup same situation here! OH has been on board with the idea of having kids 'some day' for a while but was reluctant to pinpoint a particular time. Through loads of discussion about how awesome it would be to raise a child with him, how long it takes some couples to conceive- and how we really would be okay if it happened sooner for us, he is now totally on board and we were ttc earlier this year... we have stopped for a month or so as moving in October next year and thought it would be simpler to be pregnant than with a babe in arms.. I'm not sure how he will find the responsibility of contaception as he has been overseas since we decided to WTT! I am still charting Ov though and guess we only need to use protection that week?? :-)

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