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Anyone have treatment for precocious puberty w/ongoing putitary issues?

Hi guys

Wondering if anyone is in the same boat... now having issues with my vision /headaches etc mri has come back stating I still have problems with my Pituitary, now awaiting for an emergency appointment with neuro

I suffered from early puberty at age 2 , treatment with Zoladex until age 10 , then depo , then microgynon, and since then been on and off various things.

I was on the minipill for a periods with that, had one period and now they are missing again. Going for blood - they want to check my prolactin levels...confusing.

Anyway wondering if anyone had similar experience & any issues with no periods/ovulations and so on...

Thanks guys


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I didnt want to read and run. I dont know about early puberty, but I have suffered from annovulation. I ovulate very rarely, a few times a year. I was able to take clomid to cause ovulation, and it worked! It could be that the pill has thrown your hormones out of whack? It's good you are seeing a doctor to get things figured out. good luck!

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