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Okay, Now I'm Broken!

I went off BCP in May and between May and October had a period between 28-37 days. I was very happy. Now, I am on day 50 something with no period. I have taken a bunch of pregnancy tests but I just get a BFN. Before I was on BCP I ovulated like twice a year so I was all happy that I ovulated regularly. Now I feel like I am broken. I am so heartbroken . My doctor said I have to miss 2 before they'll do tests. So I have to wait another 10 days before they'll see me. Anyone else have something like this happen?? I just feel completely broken.

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My cycles after coming off bc were 70+ days long, and usually annovulatory. I would count any spotting as a period because it made me feel better. I don't know what would help regulate your cycles, I tried vitex for a while. Your doctor can give you pills to cAuse your period to come, and if your still irregular when u start ttc you could try clomid. I took clomid and it helped me concieve my beautiful baby girl. Good luck!

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Coming off birth control pills my cycles were around 43+ days, but I got back to normal in a few months. I hope you do too, if not you can try clomid like gingerbaby4us

Good luck

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