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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, I used to use BnB lots before my son was born but since then I just havent found the time to come on here.


a little about me.... I am 26, my hubby is nearly 28 and we have been married for 2 and a half years, we started ttc in November 2008 and I found out I was pregnant in the May of 2009, unfortunately that ended in mmc started trying again in October 2009 and fell pregnant straight away that little man is now with us and goes my the name of Jack, he is my world He is now nearly 6 months old, cannot believe how quick the last 6 months have gone

Which brings us to today!

If it was up to my hubby we would have another baby straight away, but I want to wait, he respects my wishes and we have decided to wait... not sure how long but until we are both ready again.

I am due to go back to work in Feb and we are moving house in April so I dont want to be worrying about ttc when all this is happening.... i think maybe this time next year I would like to start trying, but who knows what the future will hold?

Anyway, Enough about me...... Thanks for reading

Speak soon xxx

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I am new here but welcome back & congrats on the little one!!


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aww welcome back

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