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i think the 90 days sounds right for folic acid, though as others have said, never too early to start!!

if you were a HUGE drinker, i think the rule would probably be to stop ASAP, as it could also be impacting your fertility in addition to any possible risks to future baby.

but if you're talking about a couple of drinks per week - same for me - personally i don't plan to stop doing so until i think i may have conceived. I think some "experts" - whoever they are ! - advise against any alcohol as it may affect your ability to conceive. This is probably good advice if you don't know your cycle very well and could in fact have ovulated at random!

my plan is, for example, if we are TTC one month, and i just got my period (and thus know i am not pregnant) i would feel comfortable having a drink or two up until the time i am about to ovulate, but then would probably abstain for the remaining weeks of that month just in case! I think this is fine because, as I understand the biology of it all, your baby doesn't start sharing in your food/drink intake until the embryo is implanted in your uterus, which happens a week or so AFTER conception.

I have read lots of places that drinking during those first weeks after conception/implantation can cause miscarriage. Somehow I feel this is likely referring to serious binge drinking though.

probably a good question for your doctor too... now that i'm thinking about it, i'm kind of curious as to what mine would say actually!

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Its actually recommended for all child bearing women to take folic acid planning a pregnancy or not;,%20ans23.htm


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Originally Posted by Patient girl View Post
I've bought multi-vits with folic acid this week (is it crazy to be excited about this?!)
Lol, I was the exact same when I bought mine in Oct! Still get a bit of a thrill taking them every morning!!

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