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Has anyone else used NuvaRing as BC?

I'm just curious because I have been on the ring for about 2 years. I just got off and I am trying to figure out my cycle. When on it did anyone else have super short periods? Like mine usually last 2 days. Is this normal? And do you know if it continued to be like that after getting off BC?

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Yes, I was on the ring for a little over 3 years and used my last one about 6 months ago. Before the ring, my cycle lasted 5-7 days...since using the ring and even now, it doesn't last longer than 3 days. It's actually been pretty nice! Although, it leaves me feeling as though I'm not regular yet...but I don't see that as a possibility.

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If you're concerned I would ask your doctor. I once too Nuva Ring and let me tell you...I hated it! I had horrible mood swings and it was just all ugly! If you're worried then I would start temping because that's the only way to know 100% for sure what's going on.

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Yeah that was my exp with it as well
I just posted an af rant in my journal about something similar.
Keep in mind if you were irregular before you were on bc you could go back to irregular cycles but it couls take your body UP to 6 cycles to regulate itself
on the other hand it could regulate faster
I try to be prepared for the worst.
but hope for the best.
Good luck!