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your story sounds frustrating, we all feel for you around here, as your story echos very familiarly here in WTT! my situation is different - we moved back our TTC date together due to finances/job situation - but still, it's hard to sit here at the ready and realize you still have MONTHS to go!

I don't think you really need to start dramatically worrying about your fertility at age 28, especially since you're only talking about a 6 month wait (I will also be 28 when we TTC - I was not really thinking of that as being "older" for TTC!!). I would also take the "approaching 30" thread with a grain of salt, especially considering it was written about someone's experience TTC when she was approaching 40 - not 30 as the title would suggest - scaring your husband (and yourself!) into TTC does not seem like a good way to start a family!

if you think you are going to be TTC in summer, feel free to join our summer 2011 thread (it should be on this front page somewhere within the WTT forum, just scroll down a bit). good luck!

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Hi hun!

I am so glad to find your thread, you sounded exactly like me!!

I got married May this year! Weddings are great arnt they!!

We had the talk about a month ago, and my hubby wanted it one minute then next day was saying he didnt want to TTC, it was breaking my heart all the time, I was so confused and upset!

Well he adventually opened up to me and we had a heart to heart, and turned out he was scared, and thought I wasnt because I am excitable!!

I reassured him I am scared about sooooo many things, but if I didn't do the things I was scared of in life then I would never do anything!

Anyway we had a great chat and are goint to be TTC june 2011 after I have been bridesmaid!!

So a similar time to you!!

Good luck hun, I hope you feel happier now,xx

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