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I posted this in another section, but I haven't gotten any answers, and I'm pretty desperate here...

I'm a bit confused here. I had a regular 4 day period starting November 4.
Then I started another period November 28. It started with brown spotting, then got heavier. I am STILL on my period. That's 13 days which NEVER happened to me. The thing is, I have no other symptoms. In the beginning I had really mild cramps, more like discomfort, and only 2 painful cramps (I couldn't move for 30 seconds). My boobs were also killing me on and off every day.

A few days ago I passed tissue. It looked more like a fleshy color than a blood clot. After I passed the tissue there was no more cramps (I assume thats normal) and my boobs have not hurt since. I figured my period was going away, but... here it still is. It isn't light, but not heavy either. Sometimes it's dark red, sometimes it's bright red.

Yesterday morning and the night before that was pretty heavy. This morning there was only blood when I wiped, but inserting a q-tip, there was a lot of blood when I took it out, so I left the pad on.

Is this normal, since I'm having absolutely no symptoms anymore, or is that a little bit weird? Should I see a doctor, or am I being a hypochondriac?

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It sounds normal to me. It's normal to have one off cycle a year, anything more than once a year, you need to see your doctor. I have AF like that where it's basically a whole bunch of (TMI) fleshy tissue(dark red to super light pink and I have a super thin uterus lining so that's part of it). I was getting big clots and stuff, but since I have been on birth control it's been less and less each cycle.
If you are super worried, I would go see my doctor just to be safe.

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