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Old Dec 20th, 2010, 16:55 PM   11
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I feel that way sometimes. I was watching Sex and The City 2 over the weekend, and I felt so sad for Carrie and Big for being OK with not having any kids. I kept thinking I hope that's not us.

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Mum (Mom)
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my boyfriend is the same i dont think he will ever commit to a date he just says if it happens it happens ! they dont really get that you might have to ttc

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Mum (Mom)
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My OH WANTS more children ASAP but won't actually discuss TTC. If I wanted to do it right now, which I do, but am not due to school, wanting to be married, wanting a more reliable car and stuff... like we need to sort our life out more first.. but if I wanted to OH would be on board somewhat, like he probably wouldn't be interested in the details but he'd consent to having sex w/o any contraceptive measures and be excited for a BFP.

In a way I am standing in my own way. OH says if we had another baby we'd just make it work, but I am 21.. I do have time to have more kids.. and at this point there's not the urgency of declining fertility etc to push me to do it before I feel we're in a better position to do it?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Amen ladies!

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