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When can I test?

I know I have been on before but I just wanted to clarify...
I am on the pill where you take 21 pills then have a 7 day break (come on)
I took 2 pill packets back to back and within this time I had unprotected sex on 27th Nov and twice on 4th Dec.
I was on on antibiotcs then 4 days after i came off i had sex on 27th nov. Then was on more anbiotics and had sex ont he last day of them twice on 4th dec. I am now on my 3rd pill packet and will be having a break at the end of this one where I should get my period.
I should come on on the 4th Jan (two days after i finish that packet)

My question is... Whats the earliest I can test?



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Hi hon,
I'm no expert but from what I've read I'm gonna try and help out!!
Let's imagine the lil swimmers from dec 4th hung around for 4-6 days and happened to meet an egg! The latest they could've survived to meet this egg is probably about the 10th...
Let's then imagine this egg and sperm combo floats around for a while (6-12 days) before implanting, the latest it'll implant is prob around the 22nd...
I think it takes 2-3 days after implantation for hcg to enter urine so, to answer your question, I'm not sure when the earliest you can test is but I think if you test after the 25th then you'll prob get an accurate result...

Please, everyone else feel free to correct any of my miscalculations!!! Like I said - not an expert! Very new to this whole lark!

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