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girl friday
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I'm joining you!

Sorry, but I have to share! DH and I spoke about having babies a lot before we bought our house, married and started TTC Harry. We always said 2 or 3 and were thrilled when we coceived straight away. Howeverl, DH said no more after Harry (VERY difficult labour and his sleep is awful).

Recently though Harry has slept much better. He still wakes a few times but he generally goes 6 hours at the start of the night. I think this has made DH mellow slightly cos the other night we were in bed and he said now would be too soon but that we could start trying again this time next year!

Now I want to wait another year (2012) because then Harry will be at school so I won't have 2 LOs in the house all day, but I am now oficially WTT!

We want to try to time things so a new baby would be born just as the new academic year starts as I can make my maternity leave go further (I'm a teacher) so that means TTC in November/December.

I am so happy! I loved being pregnant and other than a 60+ hour labour that ended in an emergency c-section under general anesthetic and a blood transufsion I had a really easy pregnancy! I can't wait to do it all again and I know labour won't be as bad this time round as I will be consultant led the whole way!

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Welcome to WTT

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Welcome! Exciting stuff!

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yay! welcome!

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Welcome! Congrats on your DH coming around!

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