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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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when is it the right time

We have a gorgeous 14 month old princess.

We want more children, probably one more so we can still live comfortably. We need to move but things are so slow out there god knows when this might happen. And we could cope just fine in our current house, its just smaller than we would like and there would be a share of bedroom. but seeing as they stay in your room til six months, cant see this being a big issue.

how do you know when its the right time

i have friends with children with a two year age gap that struggle, others do well. a friend with a six year age gap and its great but the kids dont play and there is the school run to contend with!

help! how do you know.

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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i dont think u ever know for sure, but i guess its how u both feel in ur heart, if money is ok etc then why wait? I have 6 and 8 years between me and my brothers and the younger of the two is like my twin so i dont think it makes a huge difference how much of a gap there is

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I wish I knew the answer to this.

We have a three bed house, but we all squish into our bed and the other rooms are empty.... Even if I were to fall pregnant now we'd still all sleep in the same room at least- so for us, space is not the issue.

Its tough, because I want there to be a small enough gap so that they can play( I had a 5 year age gap with my brother so always felt I missed out), but I don't want it too close so that there is too much sibling rivalry ( my middle bro and younger brother only have 11 months between them and that's too close Imo as they always and still do compete fiercely with each other- plus I remember how tired and run down my mum always was)

Sometimes i feel we're ready, as our daughter can talk and walk now- but then other days when she wants to breastfeed all night long, I feel I must be crazy for wanting another one already.

Soooooo, we're doing a bit of ntnp.... When we feel like dtd. It's fun, and if my body is ready for it, it'll happen. If not, it won't. I have faith that it knows best.... Afterall it did grow an amazing little girl already.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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My boys are 3 years apart and they have always got along until here lately! So between my youngest and the number 3 we are boing for there will be a 10 year age gap it will be like 2 families in one! It kind of feels like starting over lol it will keep us young and on our toes!!!

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I dont think you ever know!

We have finally decided to TTC in june for our first. This is a huge decision for us as we live in a 1 bed flat, and would prefer to be in a house, but recission had other ideas!

I was so happy that we finally agreed, but I still get huge doubts if its the right thing, despite knowing i cant wait!!xx

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I was reading about sibling spacing online bc we want to have 1-3 more kiddies. What I have found that they recommend is no less than 17 months apart but not more than 5 years. There is a plethora of reasons but research shows thats the best gap. Obviously there isn't a right or wrong answer bc it's based off your own particular situation. Personally, I would like our kiddos to be about 18 months to 2 year apart, but that's just me

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