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Mum (Mom)
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Hi, i came off the depo nearly 2 years ago after being on it for over 8 years. I had no periods for the first 6 months, then i had a period every two weeks - i felt like it was my body's revenge. That lasted another 8 months or so. I then finally got on to a semi-regular 28/30 day cycle but didn't seem to be ovulating... then last summer i finally started ovulating again (about 18 months after stopping the depo)
So it took nearly 2 years to get pregnant.
I takes a long time, longer for some than others, don't worry, you aren't alone, you will get back to normal soon!
I wish i had known when i was 19 what it would do to me further down the line. Maybe they told me and i just didn't listen...
Good luck,

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Mum (Mom)
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Thanks for that. Im just hoping that it wont take that long to get back to normal, just keeping my fingers crossed. All i knew is that it could take up to a year to 18 months to get my cycle back but i thought when its back its back and no more worrying. But things never go smoothly for me, it just makes me worry when im due on, that it dosnt come and i have no idea when its going to happen.

Congrats about the pregnancy, hope everything goes smoothly for you!


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