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I belong here :)

Hey ladies,
I have been about these boards in the past few months! started off in the ttc boards, me and my partner ttc for 4 months and got our bfp on 11/12, we were over the moon as we were a little worried because it was taking a while! I stopped worrying and thought nothing of it, i took 4 tests and all were positive and lines seemed to be getting darker. what i found weird was that I took a digi a couple of days later and it said not pregnant, i thought it was because it wasn't fmu. so i took another the next morning with fmu and it read "pregnant 1-2" me and my partner were both very happy. So then I moved to first tri boards!!
I was at the mall with my partner, the week after, finishing off our christmas shopping, I was experiencing really bad cramps, i thought it was normal and dismissed it, i went to the toilet and discovered i had started bleeding. i went to the drs the next day and had my bloods done, they came back with a hcg level of 2. that was just on wednesday. we are both so heartbroken, we said that we would try again but changed our minds and have decided to wait. this experience has really hurt and no-one knows, only me and my OH, I was only 5wks.
So here I am, we've decided to wtt, we are renting at the moment and have decided we want to buy, so we are waiting until we own our own house
Glad to be here with you ladies

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Welcome Jadie I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm also here after a MC on 7th Dec.

It's a very supportive place, 2 weeks on from my MC I'm feeling more positive every day.

Wishing your wait flies by and lots of when you choose to try again.


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Welcome Jadie and so sorry for your loss

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so sorry for ur loss
welcome to wtt

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welcome welcome! Sorry about your loss...your not alone. Well help you out

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Sorry to hear about your loss. Welcome to WTT.

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