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He doesnt want to try :(

Our first baby is only 3 months old but im sooooooo eger to try again.
It took us 4 years and 3 losses to get our son so im now thinking that it will take forever to get pregnant again, and i would like them close together but i keep being told by my other half that he is not ready!
The trouble is when i want something i want it now not in a couple of years! I know im being unreasonable that i should be recpecting his feelings but he isnt listening to how despirado i am! i have pcos aswell and its all i can think about!! HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!

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First of all congratulations on your gorgeous baby boy! I'm sorry to hear that you had so much trouble conceiving last time, I can totally understand why you are eager to start trying again. Hopefully you and your OH will be able to set a date that you can both agree on to start trying again so that you have something to aim for? I know its not a lot of help, I'm sorry, but I think just having a chat to him and explaining that you are eager to start because it might not conceive for a while anyway is the best thing you can do. If you set a date a bit into the future he may have time to get used to the idea? I hope it all gets sorted out for you!

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Try to remember though that you've got a lot of hormones running through you right now, I felt soooo broody when I first had LO, but it does subside a bit. Also just try to enjoy this special time with your baby. It goes by so fast. I'm sure he'll come around to it soon enough. Just enjoy your first christmas with LO.

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It could happen right away this time. You never know. I think that's what he's trying to say.

I feel your pain though. Except it is my situation that is holding me back.

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congrates on ur baby boy hes lovely. I totally understand how ur feeling my OH isnt ready to try for our 1st yet, he'd be happy to wait years but i have blantly refused to wait that long. As said above try to enjoy christmas with ur LO and see if the feelings subside a little in new year, if they dont then have a good talk with ur OH. good luck and happy christmas x

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Congrats on your baby boy.
I understand your wanting to have another baby but let me give you something to think about.
Your body should have AT LEAST a year between pregnancies to bounce back and heal. Yes women do get pregnant and have babies one on top of the other but its been seen that women who do are more likly to need reconstructive surgery or a hystorectomy later. Its better for you to wait a year any way.
Second if you had another baby right away then your lo would have to grow up soo fast when he just isnt ready too.
Imagine trying to care for an infant and having to break a 12 month old heart because all he wants is a snuggle with momma.
He will be more apt to understand things as he approaches two any way and he would be big enough to then feel like he could be a helper!
Its just something to think about.
Maybe waiting untill the lo is a year wouldent be so bad!
and the broodiness will subside after your hormones settle back down.
Good luck to you and I hope that you and your DH are able to come to a common ground that you can both be happy with!