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xx Emily xx
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Im starting in feb! On my hen weekend on the 25th feb so will start as soon as I get home! My cycles are all over the place, and dont think I will be ovulating till 2nd March, but Im gunna get cracking in feb anyway! Just going to enjoy trying at every opportunity!!
Good luck ladies, not long now!! xxx

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Originally Posted by qwk View Post
Originally Posted by PG5K View Post
It would be lovely to get caught first month but i am a little more realistic than hubby so i have decided not to start to worry till after 6 months trying.

i think our ttc might actually work out late january rather than early Feb because of the end of my pill and withdrawl bleed. I class it as Feb though because thats when the real BD will start! lol.

I am starting to get nervous and excited now. Spend some time on ebay yesterday looking at things i wants.
Me too - or well, I could imagine getting pregnant the first month, as I hear about that happening a lot, but if that doesn't happen, I am assuming it will be more like 5-6 months.

I take my last pill January 21, what about you?

I have a whole set of bookmarks related to baby stuff.. and was reading about cloth diapering the other day... so crazy!
I worked it out today and my last pill is the 23rd January. I have also heard that you can be super fertile coming off the pill but i have been on antibiotics this month so i dont really know if my pill is even working properly.

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I also might be starting in February. It will either by February or March depending on my cycles because they are not regular. We really want to start trying now but want to make sure that we don't end up pregnant and due before mid November due to a seasonal job. I have already been online picking out all of the different things I would love to get when we are pregnant.

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I am also waiting until Feb. I can't wait! 1 month to go.

My ovulation date should be the 10th Feb xx

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