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Do you have to try during ovulation?

Soo today sort of marks a monentus occasion of sorts lol.
We did the BD without the pill and with my DH fully knowing and just being cool with whatever happens is meant to happen... Since I'm new to all this I'm wondering how possible is it to get pregnant right after finishing the pill and having a period? I know that ovulation hasn't occured but I also know that you can get pregnant lbefore after and during your menstrual cycle.... I guess a part of me is secretly hoping sooooomthing happened lol but I'm not banking on it

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Hi hun, I'm just recovering in WTT from a MC but we fell pregnant on the 4th month of trying. A lot of people say the best thing to do is DTD once every other day or once every 3 days (because sperm can stay alive inside you for a few days - yuck! lol). If you count the first day of your last AF as day one and you have 'average length cycles' of around 28days, you should be most fertile around day 14. My cycles were always a little bit longer so I treated my most fertile time as around day 17.

It's not IMPOSSIBLE to fall pregnant straight after, just before (or even during) a period but its certainly more unlikely.

Plus its still possible to fall pregnant whilst taking the pill and lots of people fall pregnant on their first cycle after the piill.

Hope that helps and good luck! xxxx

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First of all good luck, I hope you get what you are wishing for!

From what I know, after you come off the pill you have a "withdrawal bleed" due to the hormones being taken away (rather than a normal period). Once you have had that then your body starts back into its own monthly cycles. Until you have had a few cycles you won't know for sure how long your cycle is going to be now that you are off the pill, but most cycles will be somewhere between 26 and 34 days. Most people tend to ovulate/are most fertile in the middle of their cycle, so for example on day 15 in a 30 day cycle. As MrsMandBump said, sperm can live in your body for up to 5 days though so in this example you could get pregnant from a BD between day 10 and 16. Things can happen which can mean you can get pregnant at other times of the cycle but its less common.

The fact that you have just come off the pill should not make any difference to your ability to get pregnant, a lot of people conceive straight away. Its just a question of where you are in your cycle really. I hope this helps, best of luck and merry christmas!

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The egg is only viable for 12 hours. Scary huh

You would ideally need to 3 days before you ovulate and 2 days after

I would say you wouldnt fall pregnat....but there is always the rare case!!

gl whatever happens x

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