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I don't know when the best time is..

First off i have a beautiful son, he is 4 months old now but deep down i want a brother/sister for him sooner rather than later, as i want them to grow up together close in age.
my o/h on the other hand isn't so sure and i respect his wishes of course also we are going through the sleep regression, so only getting maximum 2 hours sleep a night, maybe half hour in the day if i'm lucky, so partly i feel bonkers for contemplating another baby, because i know how hard it is getting up at least 40 times a night now, let alone when i am pregnant, going off my last pregnancy i was out of action for the first 4 months, no energy whatsoever, all i did was sleep!
Basically this is just a rant.
thanks for anybody who read lol. x

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Aw, I know how you feel Hun. I was soooo broody when Summer came along (she'll be 6 months on January 1st). I knew I always wanted my kids to be close in age to grow up together as friends and I'd say for the first 5 months after she was born I was really keen to have another one right now.

My husband was right alongside me, infact he's still desperate for us toget pregnant now but I don't know if it was Christmas coming up or what but I guess deep down I just knew it was better to wait a few more months just so Summer can get our undivided attention a little longer. I know even if I got pregnant now it'd be 9 months before the baby was here but even bring pregnant some attention would be taken away from her and I know she deserves her mummy 100% for a bit longer so I've managed to persuade my husband to ttc in may next year. Summer will be 10 months and if we were to fall pregnant straight away again then she'd potentially be 19/20 months when the baby arrives which I still think is a nice close gap.

I say go with whatever you feel is right and what you feel you could cope with right now. You always find a way to cope with any situation and your lo won't be going through the sleep regression forever. Luckily Summer has slept the full 12 hours a night since 6 weeks and we've had no regression so far so I don't know how I'd be if she were a bad sleeper but I do understand your longing for another!

I hope you and your oh make a decision you're both happy with and good luck! Your broodiness may pass, people kept telling me you're always really broody right after having a baby and I was certain it wasn't down to that, but sure enough it has passed. I know I want another baby and I now know when, but I don't desperately need it to happen right now anymore!

Sorry to ramble on a bit!

Oh and I hole you had a lovely Christmas with your lo!


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aww i have no idea how that feels not having any children yet, but sounds like its best to wait until at least u both have some kind of sleep pattern back, otherwise ur gunna be shattered all the time (if u arent now lol) I hope u both come to a conclusion together soon and good luck x

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If it's any help - age means nothing. My mom had 3 babies in 3 years and I'm not all that close with either of my brothers. My BFF however is quite close to her little brother who is 5 years younger.

Hope it all works out so both of you are happy!

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In my BFF's family they are exactly 3 years apart. They talk all the time, travel together and make plans to visit one another now that they are all in different countries!

I agree with the sleeping pattern. At least get into a routine before you start trying. You'll be so tired!

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Thanks everybody fr your helpful replies! well we have decided, we want to enjoy Jayden's firsts for a while longer, and untill we have the sleeping in some normality i know getting up once or twice would be pretty easy (used to get up when pregnant with the peasized bladder hehe!) but after the past couple of nights i don't know how i could bare getting up with a baby bump! (that hasn't stopped me nosying at twin pushchairs though) xx

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Hi hun,
My little man is only 2 months but I've been broody since day one!
We always wanted to have children close in age but can't decide the best time to try! Im looking for some wise words on here.
Im thinking about maybe trying next summer, so if i were to get pregnant straight away then there will be about 18months between them.


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