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Originally Posted by Twag View Post
I can join this thread we have 2 Shar-Pei they are our girls and are very much our babies, they were toilet trained to ask to go outside at 8 weeks old (very clean dogs)
I drop them off at Nannies (my mother) every day on my way to work and she babysits them and I pick them up on my way home from work! They get christmas presents from both of our parents and my sister
I would do anything for my puppies, well Lela (black one) is 2 and Chloe (Lilac one) will be 2 in June but they are our babies.
They are as good as gold with my nieces and nephews (ages 8mths to 5 years)
We also call ourselves Mummy & Daddy to them and we always get mothers day and fathers day cards from them and Christmas cards too lol

awww thats really cute

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We just got Molly Girl her carrier for her first flight! We're going home to visit my family on the East Coast next month. We're working on conditioning her to the carrier. So far I sound like a psychotically happy primary school teacher every time she jumps in for a treat! But the praise method works! I will swear by it. Even if we're using some treats as incentive to start off with!

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