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Old Dec 29th, 2010, 13:31 PM   1
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WTT for Financial Reasons?

Hi everyone,
My gorgeous little boy is 8 months old and we are starting to think about the next one as we want them to be fairly close together. However there is no way at the moment we can afford another baby, for one thing we will need to move house.

Is anyone else in the same position??

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Old Dec 29th, 2010, 19:34 PM   2
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Financial reasons do factor into me waiting to try. Ideally we'd like to start ttc in March buuuuuuuttttt if our financial situation is not more stable we'll have to wait longer.

I've recently changed jobs and it was a drop in pay but hope that will be off set in the gas I save not driving out of town for work. My last job was an hour+ drive one way! Also my fiance just started to work.

Hopefully everything will balance out for us to be on track for March!

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Old Dec 29th, 2010, 22:18 PM   3
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I wish we had already started-- our little girl is 2 in March. I want no more than a 2-3 year age gap ideally but I can't see us starting to try anytime soon.

We just bought our house last May, the best house overall we could afford; size, quality, neighbourhood.. but it's only 2 bedrooms. The second bedroom is too small for 2 kids, so we can't really try until we get the house on the market, and I'm not sure I want to uproot already.. no, I KNOW I'm not ready to move yet...

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Old Dec 30th, 2010, 03:41 AM   4
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I think for the majority of people in WTT, it's down to money! It certainly is for me anyway. We're saving for a house (we can't buy until I get a better paid job anyway).

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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 06:09 AM   5
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I want to wait, well thats a lie, it's just better to wait till we get a new house. We have room for another, but I'd just prefer somewhere bigger. Looking at a 6 bedroom renovation, that'll keep my mind off things for a while!

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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 07:51 AM   6
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I'm WTT for financial reasons. We need a bigger place but as the mortgage on this one isn't up until June we can't put our place on the market until February so we don't lose money trying to get out of a mortgage.

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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 10:08 AM   7
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Money is our big hurdle at the moment although we have lots we need to accomplish before TTC

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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 13:12 PM   8
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While in some ways I think it's smart to wait until you're financially sound, I also believe that if a couple waits & waits until everything is perfect/done/finished/etc, it'll never happen. Sometimes the situation isn't maybe perfect but it works. I just think back to the old days when the farm houses were small and the kids bunked together and this was all with 1 income at most coming in that front door. It worked. They were happy.

So I have mixed emotions on waiting until financially ready but I do see the reasoning. I hope it all works out for you sooner than you expect!

Old Jan 1st, 2011, 14:37 PM   9
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Mine is pretty much the same... 2-3 years until I am qualified solicitor and can afford to pay for baby + proper maternity pay etc etc

We are off the pill now, which makes things easier.. if it happens it happens.. but would be ideal once I can afford it!!

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Old Jan 1st, 2011, 14:55 PM   10
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ive started saving last year and will continue to this year suppose its partly the reason why we waiting though

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