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Protein S Deficiency

Hey all I thought of something else I could ask. My (half) sister had 3 consecutive miscarriages AFTER having 2 healthy boys (and is currently 22 weeks or so along with #3).

Is this something that is genetic? I can't find much on it that isn't all muddled up with medical speak (even with a Masters degree... I still can't read half of what they are saying ...likely because its an MA not an MSc LOL)

Anywho. I was wondering if anyone had this, or know someone who did. Can I be tested for this before I TTC or is this a post BFP kind of test?

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hmm im not too sure tbh, i personally wouldnt have thought it was definately genetic but id speak with ur doctor if it worries u. Sorry im not much help, i didnt want to read and run lol

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I don't know a lot about Protein S Deficiency but I have heard a bit about it in the past. From what I know there are different types of this deficiency - one of them is caused by a genetic abnormality and one of them is not. So, if your half sister's deficiency is caused by genetics then there is a chance that you could have it, depending on which parent she inherited the condition from. If its your shared parent that has passed it on then it would still be 50/50 whether they have passed it on to you. The best thing is definitely to go and have a chat to your Dr; if you explain your situation to them they would be able to tell you more and possibly do some tests for you...?

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Protein S Deficiency

Hello - I have hereditary PSD and I look after a support site for people with protein s deficiency.

PSD is associated with an increased risk of blood clots and difficulties TTC. There are two types of Protein S Deficiency. Hereditary PSD is caused by a genetic abnormality. Acquired PSD can be caused for various reasons including pregnancy.

You can be screened for the hereditary type by having a couple of blood tests but only if you aren't pregnant and haven't recently had any clotting issues. However if the hereditary type is being tested for then it is likely other family members are being screened at the same time and this can suggest a result for you. It is autosomal dominant so to inherit the condition one of your parents would have to have it.

During pregnancy it is normal for Protein S levels to be lower than usual (i.e. compared to an average male/female). So if you have blood tests for your pregnancy and compare them to standard 'normal' test ranges for results you may be falsely alarmed. The actual 'okay' levels and 'deficient' levels change depending on the progress of the pregnancy.

You can get the various test results figures from our forum for PSD.

I'm blocked from posting a direct link for you here but if you Google for "Protein S levels during Normal Pregnancy 2075" you will find the right topic in our FAQ section. (2075 is our topic number)

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