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Originally Posted by Wizz View Post
Originally Posted by Button# View Post
Yes, I finished Uni, got married, got into the career I wanted and bought our first flat (although planning to move next year to a bigger place). We also needed to get to a point where we could afford it, oh the joys of London prices! Good luck with your wedding, are you enjoying the planning?

I understand completely where your coming from!Buying a place was one of the things i wanted to do before babies but as we're paying for the wedding ourselves all our money is going into that first.Once that's been paid for then we will start saving for a deposit(a very big deposit with London prices!).

I think i'm slowly coming to terms with the idea that unless i win the lottery we won't be able to buy a place anytime soon.Mister wants to have his first before he's 34 so i'm trying to work towards this age which gives me just over 3 years.So i wouldn't mind being pregnant or LO still beng quite young and we buy a place.Thats one of my compromises!lol!

Cheers my dear!i'm just trying to enjoy the run up to the big day.Once i found the venue i started to enjoy the planning tbh.It took me 6 months to find it and i was looking every single day for venues.

I'm within my industry (career wise) but not in the job i want,hoping 2011 will bring better things.
I've got 3 more modules to complete and then i would have finished my post grad course.

How are you finding all things wedding?

My wedding was 2 and a half years ago and I had great fun planning it. We were lucky that we were able to buy a flat about 2 years after we moved to London after Uni but if we hadn't I wouldn't have minded renting with kids, it was OH's idea to buy. I like owning but at least you have the fall back of a landlord if anything goes wrong and no mortgage stress.

Hopefully once you've finished your post grad course and you're married you'll have a bit more time to think about setting a date for TTC!!!

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Oh okay!Congrats,glad you enjoyed the planning process.I wish the dress shopping took a little longer though,I found my dress in 5 days!lol!Was looking forward to trying on loads of dresses!

Thats good your on the property ladder already and have the opportunity to move into a bigger place next year.Must be an exciting stage in your lives together : )

I guess theres pros and cons for both renting and owning although i know at some point we'll end up buying its just when really.As long as we've started saving i don't mind renting as i know we'd be on our way to buying.

Mister is already talking about dates,I think he wants to have a date in mind so he feels its not just one of those things thats never really concrete.He said he doesn't want to wait any longer than summer 2012 to start TTC.

I would of finished uni and should have seen a few more places(would love to do a bit more travelling) by then so 2012 is possibility.

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