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Anyone see an Endocrinologist?? what to expect

Hi Guys

I am going to see Endrocrinologist for the first time in a couple of weeks, they found a pituitary lesion. I suffer from constant visual migraines and headaches/numbness which may be down to this

Anyway my doctor had all hormones checked etc for them

Anyone know what to expect???

Have taken down all details of my cycles, been off the pill since August, have had 2 periods, lasting 1 day. My GP is investigating period problems but said the specialist would know more ...hmm

Confusled... atm we are avoding fertile times but GP pretty much said probably not ovulating so dont bother! I know they can remove the lesion but it may bruise my pituitary glad- would have to have HRT or something similar... ideally want them to leave it be. Happy to try meds

My OH just lost his dad so I dont want to be blathering on at him right now, has enough on his plate right now...

Anyone got any wise words or advice, thank you

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