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Originally Posted by odd_socks View Post
....well maybe u should find someone who wants a baby now" wtf?

omg mine says the exact same thing and it makes me cry (but i won't show him)

it got to the point where i don't know how to talk about it anymore. it freaks him out to see me broody and he goes like "well when we met you did not want to have babies...." i don't want to freak him out but also he is my partner and i want at least have him to talk me through the broodiness or give some support

duuuuuh...good job on trying to understand

Men....seriously.... why is it so hard sometimes?

so this post was not much of a help for you..but i feel you lady!!

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Originally Posted by Miss Broody View Post
Aww Hun, have you tried coming at it from the perspective of medical reasons rather than being broody?!

Most men see broodiness as us being hormonal etc. Women are emotions, men are fact!

Hope you get it sorted. Xx

thanx girls, i have spoken to him from the medical point of view but all he says is "im sure ur back wont get any worse within a few years!" well it has gotten worse in the past 2 years so

It looks like it wont be happening this year for me now, i had to back down and let him win hes got a whole long list of reasons "why it cant happen" his words not mine. Im devastated and been in tears over it, but i dont want to lose him either

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