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As most of you know, I had a c-section with my son. It wasnt a very good experience, and I really dont want to go into details. So I started to search about VBAC, and really felt the need to do so. I dont want to not be able to stand up as soon as birthing my baby, and I dont want to feel pain, and I dont want to be drugged up.. so many more reasons too..

But yesterday things changed all of a sudden when I attended my sister's in law birth.
If you dont need to read this dont, please. Specially to those who are having first baby and dont want to panic

So at this hospital they dont allow anyone inside with her. I left work early and went to stay with her mother, just 2 steps away from the room she was laboring. She was admitted at 6am, and got to be fully dilated at 7:30am but the baby wouldnt go down. All we heard was screams, and horrible screams, and if she was being murdered or something. We started to panic and cry and we knocked on the door but no one would open!! we stayed like this until 10:30am when we heard the baby crying. Thats when everything went silent. We stayed like this too until 12pm bec the stupid staff wouldnt open the darn door!!!!!!!!!

At 12pm they opened and we find her lying down so traumatized and her baby on the basket all alone!!!!! there was a lady that was cleaning the room.. We said hi to her and confronted her and then she starts crying saying that the baby's position was bad, and he was still high and that they started to push him from the upper side of her abdomen for hours!!!!!! Then he crowned and couldnt go out because his hand was in a bad position.. they still pushed him out because they told her too and the baby ripped her all the way up to her anus - they didnt even give her an epidural! she said she had tons of stitches, and all of a sudden I saw a small blood spot on the floor and I went round round and wanted to throw up.. I started thinking about the VBAC I wanted, It looked so scary.. I dont know, I am so scared to even get pregnant again

The hospital she stayed at was ****. They dont have medical insurance and giving birth here costs around $4k - YES- 4K!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God we do have insurance - - but OMG even if they dont have insurance I would prefer her to birth at home that in that stupid place where they bring cheap people and rude btw!

Just being glad she is ok now, crying every time she thinks about it and also because they pushed him out so much the part where this guy was pushing because blue! can u believe it!! She cant sit at all and cant breastfeed well.

Im just trying to overcome her screaming and everything she went thru because we are WTT
I just wonder, did she need a c-section? coz it seems as if they pushed harder for a normal delivery even if it was disastrous.

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Hey Suzan!

Great to hear from you again - I haven't seen you around the forum in ages. I hope you and the family are doing well. I am excited that you are considering TTC again - a wee bro or sis for Omar.

As for your post, I can understand why your SIL's experience would have scared you - it sounds awful. It sounds like the hospital totally mismanaged the birth. Like you have said, you are paying to go private and will be given the best care. Also, as you have had a baby before, you will know exactly what you want and will feel more confident about putting across your views and concerns. Lots of women go for VBACs - my mum included - and have amazing experiences. I would certainly not let your SIL's experience put you off having another little one.

If your consultant feel there are any concerns with you having a VBAC, I am sure you will be given the option of another c-section, but with the right care, I am sure you would be able to have a VBAC.

Good luck when you decide to TTC!


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Wow sounds like she went through a real ordeal there it doe sound like she needed a c-section yeah, poor girl must have been very traumatized afterwards, i hope shes on the mend. I think it'd have scared anyone who had family in that situation Good luck when u TTC

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