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Originally Posted by Wizz View Post
Hey PG5K!

Doesn't sound strange at all.I understand where your coming from in terms of maybe just letting it happen when we agreed in 2012 but me being me i start thinking what happens if i'm still thinking 'what if i wait a little longer?'.I think it really is just me and my expectations of how i should feel and I do find it overwhelming...esp knowing that 2012 is next year!

What do you question yourself about?(if you don't mind me asking)
i think i worry about not being me anymore...i will have responsibility. I also worry that you cant change it and once you've got a baby then its too late for regret.
I guess it is because it is a huge decision and so i worry that even though i feel ready that i might not actually be ready.

I dont think i will really know till it happens, i had a little bit of the same feelings before i got my cat! I cant imagine life without her and so happy i didnt listen to my little worries.

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I couldn't say I feel 100% ready - the whole thing still terrifies me! But having seen friends and family go through it, I think I would be able to do it. Other things are in place for us (me and hubby that is) - we have a happy marriage, our jobs and finances are stable etc.

So on paper we're all set. Just the scared part to get over Although I'm excited as well as scared! It's just fear of the unknown really. NOTHING can prepare you for being a parent, so I'm told.

I should add, I've only recently started feeling this way, like in the last six months or so. Up until then I was broody, but too scared if you know what I mean? The excited part of the scared wasn't there, just the plain old scaredy cat!

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I always knew I wanted children, but nerver really had that broodyness. I went to see a friend and her new baby and she was asking when we were going to start our family and I explained that even though I couldn't picture my life without children I had never had that major 'BANG' I need a baby that so many women talk about. I thought that this was perhaps natures way of telling me that it wasn'tright for me. She explained that she felt alot like alot of the other ladies here, was not sure if she was ready but the time in her life was ready, but once she excepted that she was going to do this then she was 'YAY I'm going to be a mummy'. I went away thinking that OK I don't need to have this burning feeling that's OK. Over that next week I started to feel broody and now I would do anything for a family. Funny how things work out......

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