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corrie anne
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My MIL always blamed me for our kids, saying i should have been using something, it is easier for him to pull out or even slip something on than for me to go and get shots,take a daily pill or get an iud shoved up me, some get implants in their arms. Now that is crazy.

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Hi ladies,
Thanks for your responses! I have the copper coil so no hormones - I went on this three years ago having been on the pill for over 15 years, because I wanted to get rid of the hormones in my body for preparation baby..... Going on holiday on Saturday so we ARE going to discuss what we both want and when it is going to happen. Lets hope he says the right thing - we have been together 13 years and to be honest, I just dont want to wait any more!

thanks for your support x

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I'm glad your feeling a little bit better about it than when you first posted. I really hope the 'talk' goes well for you!

Similar situation for me, I declared to my OH that I was not renewing my injection in March and that if he didn't want us to conceive he'll have to use condoms :P. Not sure how rigidly he'll stick to the condoms so that confuses me even more :P.

After letting him no all of the hormones that's going through me at the moment are making life really hard for me, he's declared we will have the baby talk this weekend. Again, i'm not sure what that means exactly. We've spoken about it before, but he's always just said he's not ready and that's been an end to the convocation..

We'll see! Good luck!

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I agree it is your body and if he is still not ready then let him take responsibility and wear condoms until he decides he is!

I came off my pill as we were going to TTC and the my OH changed his mind and I said to him I am not going back on the pill so down to you!

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7pm , tuesday

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