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Waiting to try for my second :)

Hiyaaa all!
Havent been on baby+bump in so longg!
and for some reason my signature says im 23 weeks pregnant which im not lol!
Cant remember for the life of me how to change it!

I really want to try for another baby with my partner of 5 years
but he seems so against it for another few years or so hes even asked me to go on the pill...
i really dont know how to change his mind

Everyone thinks were not ready for another baby , but surely if I feel im ready then im ready?

Hopeee everyone is well! xx

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hello and welcome back
I would have thought if ur ready ur ready, it isnt really any one else's place to tell u otherwise. Other persons opinion who matters is urs and ur OH. I dont know how to change his mind (sorry) i wish i knew the answer myself as i cant change my OHs mind for #1 yet lol. Only thing i can think is try talk to him about it, say ud like to keep the ages of ur LO's close, see if he comes around to the idea good luck

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I am sorry he is so against another baby right now. I know how you feel. I want a baby now as well, but Hubby wants to wait till our DD is 2. WHY? what does that have to do with it?
He says things will have 2 in diapers if you have one! They are only babies once..i dont mind diapers. I wanted my children very close..he doesn't. Why am I the one waiting on him? Not Fair! *sorry about the rant, but just so you know, you are NOT alone!
Maybe you all can come to a middle ground? That's what I am working on right now

*Good luck hunny, know we are here for ya!*

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welcome back to bnb! all i can say is keep talking. it must be difficult for you, but i think having a baby means you have to both be ready, hope you can both talk things through and starting trying for baby number 2 soon xx

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