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first year student nurse planning to concieve

my name is vicky and in sept 2010 i started a nursing cource and i havee been doning lost of research about what would happen if i got pregant. my 2 personal lecturas gave me mixed messages. they said i would be entilted to my bursery and up to 45 weeks off . they aleso said i would have to finish the cource otherwise i would have to pay back the bursery on maternity leave.
one of thme also stated that i would get kicked off the coource as i wouldnt have enough credits to continue so i would have to re enrole ... im confused as i would finish year one if i got pregant so surly that would be enough credits.

can any one give me advice or have been in a similar situation.. i am so confused and i dont know what to.


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i would have thought u would have earned enough credits but cant u speak to student services?

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I'm not too sure because you are not really employed as such. so, i doubt you will get a busery paid to you but you should be entitled to SMP (go on for more advice on this)

You should also be entitled to maternity leave, which will just be a year out, and return again the following intake. I did my nurse training and some people i know were able to just take a year out. Although, every uni is different, which uni are u at? I am now a student midwife but because ive already done my nurse training i get a full staff nurse salary so when i left on mat leave i was entitled to full mat pay plus SMP...So different situation but i was entitles to up to a year off the course and i rejoined the following intake. hope that helps

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What uni are you in? Im supposed to be going to Cardiff in Sept, but still not sure lol.


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Well, I have been told from my uni that you get a 45 wk leave period and the NHS bursary. However, at my uni you have to start taking it 11 wks before your due date because of the risk factor of placements - I don't know if that's the same for yours.

I believe that we wouldn't be entitled to SMP as we are not employed, but the bursary rules seem to be quite clear!

With regards to the credits, I can't tell you. I think you'll need to double check that with your faculty office. x

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