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Am i broody?

I got married last year to my fantastic hubby. We always said we didn't want babies and we are happy as we are with our gorgeous doggies.

My brothers girlfriend gave birth last week and we went to see the baby. Since then i have had this wave of broodyness come over me. I have never felt like this before and it is pretty over whelming.
Since last week i seem to have spent a lot of time on the internet looking at baby websites etc, and then across this fab forum.
I don't even know if this is a phase i am going through or if this is real? It's so strange.

I keep weighing up the pros and cons of bringing another life into the world. I am pretty organised when it comes to big decisions and i don't go into things lightly. The main con is my job, i am a glamour model. I am self employed so probably wouldn't be able to work for much or any of my pregnancy. Then what happens after i have the baby? I probably wouldn't be able to go back into my work as i have no idea what will happen with my body.

Sorry if this sounds jumbled, but it helps to write things down as i am thinking it.


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Hey Suzie,

I think it boils down to whether or not having a LO means more to you than the potental risk the pregnancy will have on your body.I'm not sure about that industry but i'm sure there is a time frame in which you can have a career as a glamour model so maybe focus on your career at the moment and maybe when your thinking of doing something else you can start trying?

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Seeing as how you say youre a very organised person then it's clear you won't be rushing into a decision which I think is a good thing. The broody feeling you've been having may pass, I've known some really non-maternal women turn broody after seeing and holding a newborn baby and with the majority of them it passed. Give yourself time to adjust to these feelings to see if they're real and it really is a baby you want or if perhaps seeing this new baby in your family has just mixed things up a bit. If it's real broodiness then the feeling won't go away and will just get stronger.

As Wizz said if there's a time frame with your current line of work, and your work is important to you then perhaps have your career now and if in a few years the feeling is still there you can have a baby then knowing you've had a good career. A lot of women are worried about the affect a pregnancy will have on their bodies, this is just something you have to weigh up in your list of priorities, are you willing to risk losing your body, if only temporarily, in order to have a child.

I hope you reach a decision that suits you!

Good luck


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corrie anne
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I know that there are a lot of models that work as pregnant models. I dont know what glamor models entitle. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and if you have the right body, more beautiful to put it in a picture.
Most of the time broodiness will pass. This is something you should discuss with you husband and to let him know that you may be changing your mind about having a child but you can still wait a while before actually having one. More women are having babies a lot older these days. I would say, stick with your career, you love it, its somethings that you wont have the rest of your life, can save to support a future baby for when you are on leave. A lot of agencies love family models. You can look into that before having one. I know you are self employed but asking other agencies about these things will help you understand more about being a pregnant model(again, which people LOVE) and becoming a model family.

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Sounds like u are having broody feelings a photographer and know alot of models in the business, one has done quite afew of pregnancy modelling and has gotten her body back well after pregnancy to carry on doing shoots. As for what to do after having the LO she took her mum to shoots so she could still have LO with her, however shes shifted more into fashion modelling now and also has shoots with her LO

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