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Originally Posted by MrsK View Post
I use the Pearly (cheaper version of the LadyComp), and it's very accurate. We use condoms or withdrawal on my fertile days... which.. sort of backfired this last cycle, when hubby accidentally came inside me on what turned out to be 2 days before O. Well it's not that he accidentally came inside me, it was more of a miscommunication with him forgetting that I'm fertile and me assuming he knew. ;-)

But it's alright, I'm still hoping I turn out to be pregnant!

Im thinking of getting one, both me and OH hate condoms lol

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I came off the pill last cycle and Im really quite nervous as we have been using condoms and the pull out method (we used a condom once and we hate them) so since then we have been using the pull out method.
I worry about how reliable it is as we dtd around O and when he pulled out he *ahem* on my stomach, pelvis and legs and now I have read up and it says that this can still cause pregnancy..
Now I dont know whether its all in my head but im damn sure my boobs are heavier and firmer and Im getting cramping and sore stomach muscles.
Im now on cd19 (not sure when I o'd)
any advice? or reassurance? xx

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It is possible, but I'd say the chances are not too big. How long has it been? If AF is due within in the next few days, you could take a test just to ease your mind.

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