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I'm back here again

Hi everyone, I'm back here again. I stopped taking the pill over 3 months ago as me and DH thought we'd TTC our second, DH has been wanted to try for a few months now but I wanted a minimum of a 2 year age gap between them. Anyway just as I got my first AF after coming off the pill, I received a letter from work saying i'd been made redundant with immediate effect, so we'd had to stop TTC. Me and DH are both feeling so broody at the moment, it's going to be worse after we've watched "One born every minute" on Monday. I'm currently looking for work but when I do get a job I don't feel like we will be able to start TTC until i've been working for the company for at least a year. So it looks like i'll be here for a while.

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Hi hun, sorry to hear about your job and I hope you find something else soon.

If and when you do get a new job and still wanted to start trying right away you'd still be entitled to maternity allowance which is 499 every 4 weeks for 39 weeks. I left one job and before I found another we decided to try and I fell pregnant right away so when I did find a new job I was 3 and a half months pregnant by the time I started! So unless you know that your company offer a good maternity pay or you specifically want or need the smp 6 weeks at 90% pay then maternity allowance is just as good!

Hope everything falls into place for you.


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Hey hun, I can really sympathise with you. We had planned to start TTC for our first baby but I got made redundant, then I managed to eventually get a job within a different department in the same company but there was a break between them so they took my right to full maternity pay away. I have finally built up my entitlement again and now they are saying I may be being made redundant again which means it may be another year. So far I've now been waiting two years with all this and it's horrible. Maternity allowance is great, but we just could not live off that without giving up our home which is just ideal for bringing up a family. It's sooooooo hard waiting, it's killing me! So I can completely understand how hard it is. The only thing I can say is the last two years have gone very quickly! You also wouldn't have to wait a full year to start trying as you usually have to have been working 12 months at about 15 weeks before the baby is due (depending on your company policies) to get maternity. I really hope you find a job soon and time flies for you x

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awww chick, that must be so hard and frustrating i hope that u find something else soon, and can get back to TTC again soon i know its hard waiting

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Dang. Sorry to hear about that!

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