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Mum (Mom)
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Only a year...

... I'm a mature student at the moment. OH and I have decided, after much thought, that we are going to start TTC around Christmas as financially(touch wood) it should be ok to do so. We wanted to make sure that we could afford it on OH's wage alone but luckily my course would also allow me to draw a bursary for that year too. We briefly TTC last year but had to stop as my uni place came through. We are quite happy for me to take a break though! If we TTC at Christmas then even if we fell preg straight away I will only have my 3rd year left to do. I am so happy that everything is in motion!

This year is going to be great... our wedding... two of my best friends are pregnant and due around the same time... and now TTC which I wasn't sure we'd be able to do until after the course! Hurrah!

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aww thats great news chick

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That's great news!

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sounds like its going to be on heck of a year!

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