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To Be or Not to be...!

Hey Everyoine

My Girlfriend is on the pill, she has 21 pills and then has her period 3 days later (24 days) we done a ovulation calc test and it said she is due to ovulate tomorrow,. She came off her period on thursday and we have had sex friday and sat. she was meant to take her new pill from the new packet yesterday but has only just taken it, is there a chance that some magic could of happened or are we just thinking and hope'in way to much into it..? and also would ovulation calc be correct..?

Thanks Luke

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Well if she was on the pill then that regulates her cycles, so i am not sure how accurate the calculator really can be

on the pill i had a 28 day cycle, because that was all regulated. but now that i stopped i have a cycle of about 32 days, some longer some shorter

but if you forget the first pill and you take it within 48 with the 2nd pill then i think nothing will have happened. at least with my pill that's what it said

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i don't think ovulation calculators work when you are on the pill, as the pill is trying to stop the ovulation completely. my understanding of ov-ing on the pill is that if you miss a pill or take one late, it's possible that an egg could slip out. it doesn't correspond to the normal ovulation predictor of mid-way through her cycle or anything like that.

you're basically saying she delayed her first pill in the new pack by about 24 hours? there is some risk of pregnancy (just like there always is on the pill!), because it sounds like she basically went without hormones for more like 8 days (rather than the intended 7 days). so sure, it's possible. but BCPs work in ways in addition to preventing ovulation, like changing cervical mucus to make the environment inhospitable for the egg/sperm. etc. so it's far from a sure thing!

hope you get whatever result you were hoping for!

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If she's on the pill then she's not ovulating. You do mean the birth control pill right? If so, the whole point of it is to prevent ovulation :-)

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^^ thats what i would say yes

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