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Originally Posted by Olivette View Post
This is a difficult one to answer as we have had varies problems with our huskies and feeding!

Our pure bread husky is very fussy, thus lost a little weight. We're not sure if it was just this particular dog, or what, but quite a few people said to me it's in the breed and they can be a little fussy. If our huskys had the option to lead a pure meat diet, raw are cooked they probably would .

My cross bread husky (shes crossed with two breads of huskies), will eat ANYTHING and everything. We've varied from wet (canned) food, to dry food. We recently weaned Kira on to dry food and she has a dry food mix now. The one we use is wheat and gluten free and additive free. Never go for the brand named dog foods in your food stores, if you check the label the meat content in them is SHOCKINGLY low!

Kira had varies problems with her digestive system so any changes we had to do over quite a while!

We prefer the dry food brand now. It's also chicken rice and veggies. X
I fully agree with this. They are very fussy and have sensitive tums. You need to be careful what you feed them.

To the OP i would change his food over gradually. When mine was a pup he was on Royal Canine and i wanted him to be on the same as the other dog.

Have you decided on a name? x

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thanks to both of you..
erm i want a name that my 21month will be able to pick up easily which shouldn't be hard he's a fast learner any suggestions


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meet , tomorrow , wow

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