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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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new and need help!!

Hi Ladies,
brand to to this, waiting to tyr again after a devastating miscarriage at 9 weeks just a week ago. joined here for the wonderful support i can already see it offers!

Can anyone tell me how i can put the lovely graphics on my posts etc, i would love to make a little momento for my lost little miracle and feel it might help with how im struggling at the moment!

Thankyou xxx :

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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don't know if I can help except for just suggesting finding something online but I wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. Welcome to our WTT family - hope you don't have to be here long! xo

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Mum (Mom)
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So sorry for your loss people here are very kind

I think you are generally talking about signatures?

you can get the "tickers" at places like lily pie (just search 'lily pie' in google, then once you are there, it will take you through ways to make a memorial or other types of tickers).

and once you make it, make sure you get the BBcode language - then you just paste it in the box for editing your signature. to do that -->

If you go to your profile (I go to this by clicking on my name in the upper right corner); there is a link to "Customize profile," click that - and then on the left side, there is a link for "edit signature" - just paste the BB code from the ticker site there, and voila!

but you do have to have at least 5 posts to be able to have a signature i think?

good luck!

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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so sorry for ur loss
qwk has answered the tickers question x

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Thanks Ladies!! Ill get onto it! lovely of you to help!! xxx

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