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Originally Posted by ERConnell View Post
Does anyone know the guidelines around what stage of pregnancy you can work up to? x
I was reading our company policy and you can work up to when you have the baby! I think it must depend on what line of work you in though as surely if you were doing manual labour it would be too dangerous!?

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I guess I'm really lucky in SOME ways, as I'm self employed and can drop work and work to meet my needs to a degree as I don't have a boss. Although this has its advantages, it does have cons as I can't just say "Right, no work for me for 6 months" as a) I'd lose 6 months money (although I can claim a tiny bit from the govt) and b) I'd lose clients so I'll probably just work when I have spare time and do what I can up until I'm set to burst and work around the baby when baby is here! I'm anticipating lots of strong coffee on standby and 2 hours worth of sleep a night...

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