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Pill Question.... :)

Hi everyoneee!
Didnt have a clue where to post this , and seeing as im waiting to try for a baby i thought id post it here.
my OH finally said to me last night he thinks we should try for another baby
so i was extremely happy but i had already taken my pill!
I havent been on the pill for long...
Iv taken a full 21 day packet, had my 7 day break
and i taken the 4th pill in the 2nd packet last night before we did the deed..
i did read somewhere that it takes a week for you to be covered
so does anyone think there is any possibility that i could of actually concieved last night or am i living on false hope! lol

hope everyone is well

please ignore my signature saying im 24 weeks pregnant lol IM NOT! i dont know how to get rid of itt!

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I believe since you moved from one pack to the next (after the 7 days off) you are still "covered" or protected by the pill for those first 4 days. It really depends if you ovulate now at this point or not.
The pill generally stops ovulation, and even taking 4 pills might 'cause you to skip it or to delay the ovulation.
I don't want to dash your hopes, sorry. If you stopped taking the pills now you'll probably have another withdrawl bleeding, and then you'd be good to go! *thumbs up*

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^^ sounds about right to me, i think u would have been protected, and u probably will have withdrawal bleed but good luck with ttc

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I know if you miss a day you are liable to get pregnant so I think you are in the clear but probably wouldn't have "caught" this cycle.

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