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Starting to feel pressure to TTC.... from work!

Looks like we'll have to TTC sooner than July . My colleague who covered my 7 month mat leave is on contract for 3 years, started July 1st 2010 and there is no guarantee her position will be renewed. I may go back to being the only specialist in my field (I'm a physician) in downtown Toronto by July 1st, 2013. Which means, if I want to plan a whole year off for baby #2, I'd have to have him/her at the very latest June 2012. We don't know that TTC will be as easy as it was with ZoŽlle (caught the egg the very first month of TTC ) soooooo I guess after this Nuvaring comes out (in 2 weeks), it's full-on TTC'ing for us while I chart to make sure I'm ovulating. I did have 1 spotting visit from AF and one normal period before starting the Nuvaring (that's why I started it, got nervous!) so I do believe I am ovulating... Haven't told DH any of this yet but in chatting with the ladies at work today, we figured this out. Sigh... Unless we can convince the Ministry of Health to fund a second full-time position in my field in the next 2 weeks (which won't happen) then I have to work on the assumption I'll be back on my own in July 2013, and between now and then I'll have to have gotten pregnant and taken a year off. I'm starting to feel a bit of pressure

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awww such a shame u are feeling pressured looks like u may be starting TTC soon

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Yikes! That's both exciting and stressful, having to TTC just to make the work thing work out.
Best of luck though! yay!

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Argh, that's unfortunate. I ust found out a friend of mine at work is pregnant now and due the same time I was last year. She's planning on taking at least 6-9 months off and we'll be NTNP in 3 weeks and actively TTC by the time she goes on maternity leave so we may be leaving my boss in a lurch with a revolving door of maternity leaves Maybe if I can time it right my boss can hire one replacement to cover both our leaves...

Hope it works out for you, but the pressure is no fun

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Sorry that you're feeling so pressured over it

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