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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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WTT for me too

Hi, new to the forum

Just got news from a pregnancy scare that I'm not pregnant. Was very let down to be honest. I'm 26, been seriously dating my boyfriend for a year and we're talking about having kids and getting married "soon." We don't live together yet, so thinking I was pregnant was a big wake up call for the both of us and we're working faster toward getting ourselves settled in together sometime after tax time.

He was getting excited too and I haven't really confronted him about being upset like I was. He said we can try for real once we move out. I know that's the smart thing to do, but everything I've read say it can take up to 6 months plus to conceive and then there is that long 9 month wait.

I want to start now!

A few months seems like a long time to wait. We don't have the greatest jobs, me especially if I want to be pregnant, but I know we can make it work. There have been people worse off then us and they really stood up when the time came. I know we can do it.

While I won't push him to start to try before we move out, I won't stop talking about it. I know he wants it just as bad. When we were looking at apartments he kept saying stuff like "will this be good for our baby" back when we thought I was pregnant. No hesitation. Aww.

Anyways, hello!


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hi, nice to meet you!

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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helo and welcome

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Welcome to BnB.x

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