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What should I be doing?

To prepare my body for TTC? vitiams etc...

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Folic acid is a good start. Also check you are still immune to Rubella and be revaccinated if you're not. I'm also doing some other little things like going to the gym and trying to eat healthier.

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where can i buy folic acid? i have also started to eat healthier

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I think it's recommended that you:

1) Have a healthy BMI (although not required!)
2) Take folic acid supplements, but you can get all sorts of pregnancy vits and things from your supermarket or chemist (take upto six months in advance if you like)
3) Try to have a healthy balanced diet and reduce alcohol, ditch cigs if you smoke etc.
4) Maybe think about ditching any birth control if you're on the pill, so you can chart your cycles and get familiar with things.

Can't think of anything else except...oh yeah

when are you TTC?

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thank you!! im not on any birth controll, i was on the pill but it was having a bad effect on me so now we just use condoms.

We plan on starting TTC in 6 months

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dieting and getting fit, folic acid and multivitamins

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thank you im going to do it all

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drink lots of water! and get into the habit of that being one of the only drinks you'll have.
since when prego you'll have to ditch coffee, sweet tea, soda etc..