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if its not hormone levels id say stress, changes in diets, exercise, sleep patterns

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My periods started doing this a few years back - they went from around 33 days to 60+ cycles. It was really, really weird. I was not especially overweight but I lost 2 stone and as soon as I'd lost a stone, they went back to normal. I think stress was a factor for me too.
It is really easy to worry about these things, but I would (at the moment) start keeping a diary of your cycles and look into any personal issues that could be affecting it - as in stress/weight in my case! xx

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Thanks for the comments - back in June I weighed dancing around the 9 stone mark and my BMI was at the 19 mark but I had good periods on this weight. Can't remember being under any stress in july but in august as we started TTC I made an effort to put a bit of weight on, as wii fit advised my BMI should be around 20.50 (or around that figure)...ARGH so many factors! I havent weighed myself since November as I know it will be a good weight. I'm definately not overweight, nor underweight.

I'm wondering if work has played a big part. I remember I had to fly down to head office with work in july and it was around this time I realised my job just isn't for me but I'm still in the role and I feel my thought process when at work just isn't right, but I don't know how to correct it. To make matters worse I've applied for another internal role and my current manager is blocking all attempts to continue with the interviews (she isn't happy I have booked a holiday for a 2nd interview as she feels I'm letting the team down and they shouldn't have to suffer).

I have got to a stage where I just don't care anymore, but I am equally worried as me and hubby are potentially going to be looking for a mortgage but if I lose my job it won't be possible.

kintenda - what would your advice be to overcome stress? I am trying to think of positives in my job but I am only human. I feel more emotion towards the negatives then I do positives. I do keep a diary but I just fill it with work crap - I don't really have any hobbies (can't afford to) and I think that could probably help me.



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