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hayley x
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Originally Posted by LoraLoo View Post
Originally Posted by hayley x View Post
A lady near me has 6 children, shes happy, her children are happy, whats the harm? You have more than enough love to give, and can meet their needs, so theres nothing to say you shouldnt have more. x
I think, I feel guilty for Amy...cos she's just that bit extra special n our rainbow baby, I just feel some people think we should be grateful for what we have. And I truly am, but I cANT HELP MY Maternal instincts People make me feel bad for wanting ! Kids are all I ever wanted.. just wish people would understand xxxxxxxxx
Of course you are greatful for what you have, that goes without saying. For you do you think having another baby will make things 'better' for Amy? I do for Daisy, cause right now I focus all my worry onto her, but for another baby that worry is shared, hope thats come out how its meant. Not to say you dont worry about your other children, of course you do, but not sure if its different with your children before loss and your rainbow? oh I'm crap with words. Youre already past the '3 children' mark, you have 4, so having another will make you have 5. It sounds like youre born to be a mummy, and a fab one at that, and nothing should stop you living your life how you need to x

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look at michelle duggard she has a lot of kids and wants more and her eldest is 21 or 22 yrs old and his wife is expecting their 2nd child. they have their show 19 and counting. So there are people like that that wont stop having kids. Also a friend of mine has an 18 yr old friend that already has 10 kids and wants more. The girl had twins and triplets.

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Ahhh..I feel you sweetie..I felt like I had to take my parents permission before each pregnancy and wouldn't remove the coil till I felt acceptance but that is just not right.. now that I see my kids play together and loving each other I want more and more for their sake!..they are the best thing in life and having more brothers and sister is a blessing..I wish I had more husband has 9 siblings and they love each other so much and have alot of fun and couldn't imagine life with out 1 of are bringing in the best gift for you and for the rest of your kids each time you have a child ..don't worry about people say or think! you are not changing anything in their life when u have more kids. I say have kids until you feel your complete with the ones you have because you will never regret having a child but will probably regret not having one you thought of having.

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when i started telling people i wanted another baby , i got the comments havent u got enough , which is strange as yes i have 4 kids but iv only givin birth twic e, 2 of my kids i fostered . I think people just see me with my 4 and think im mad to want another , but first of my fostered children can leave me at some point and go home to their bio parents it happens , and even if they didnt so what i would have 5 children , im a good mum my kids are happy and healthy and all adore each other , how can other tell you what to do , a full house is a happy house in my oppinion xxx

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I would love to have 4 children, but I don't think that'll happen. and I can live with that.

I don't think you should worry about what other people think and say; it is you and your OH's choice to make.

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Im hoping to have 4 children.. and nothing will stop me! haha do what you feel is right for you and your children you dont have to listen or answer to anyone else xx

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I have 2 aunt/uncle pairs with 4 child families. I think it's really nice Not for me, maybe if I waited a bit longer and had things sorted out better. She'll love your 4th child even if she's not thrilled at the idea, guarantee it.

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i only have 1 bubba at the mo but i want a big family 4 or 5 my family dont want me to they think 1s enough lol but to be honest its my life and as long as i love my family and care for them il have as many as i want xxxxxx so do what makes u happy xxx

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I just want 1 or 2 but I am the eldest of 4 and wouldn't change that for the world, granted when we were younger we squabbled and had to share rooms and didn't get everything we wanted but we are all so close now we are older my sisters are my best friends

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I don't think it should be anything to do with anyone else other than you and your OH.

Of course you'll factor your other children into your decision making naturally, but as for anyone outside of that- really what has it got to do with them? If you feel you can provide for and nurture 4, 5, 6 ,7, 20 children then that's your choice and not anyone else's

I am the eldest of four, my OH is the eldest of three, i would like us to have four children together, he would like three (but i am trying to convince him four is a better number )

At the minute we just have the one, and he is a joy, and a blessing and has made our lives amazing, chaotic and fun if i were only able to have him, then that would be okay, but i am hoping that we can provide him with a handful of brothers/sisters too, and the only people i include in that decison (on when to try and when to stop) are me and my OH

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